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    Thank you for correcting it for me.

    Here's a "warning" of my website.I'm not good at English. Can you help me to correct it?

    ----------------------------------- text ---------------------------------------

    Most of the articles in this website were written by the webmaster.A few of articles were copied from other place for the webmaster appreciated them.And some of the articles were written by the friends from internet.
    All copyrights of the articles signed by the name of "Blue hunter" were reserved by the webmaster of this website .Any body or website can't copy articles in this website without permission . Any tort will be prosecuted .Since this warning has been printed,so any tort will be prosecuted direct without notification .

    The webmaster consider this website as periodical personal archives online.
    "periodical" means it will be updated on 15th each month.
    The meaning of "personal archives".The webmaster is such a person who love life and don't want to be odinary.Before build this site,the webmaster has made his life aim and development direction.This site will record the whole course of his success achieved step by step.

    Any reply would be appreciated.
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    My homepage:
    I need your help on my English.

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