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    How to restart bind?

    Also, how to see which processes are a lot and how to kill bad processes?

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    Restart Bind with "killall -HUP named" however for process etc it sounds like you might be needing to quite a bit of learning. You can see if you server provider will ofer support for you and give you a hand

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    Also can restart with
    service named restart

    I hope you have a managed server? It doesn't sound like you have much experience in this area....if you plan to have a server you either need it managed or to hire a system admin.

    To answer your other question:

    At the shell prompt type: top
    You'll get a screen of updating information. It'll display server load, memory usage, and the processes running. The topmost processes are the ones using the most CPU. To kill a process, take note of its PID in the leftmost column. Press q to exit top, then type:
    kill -9 <pid>

    where <pid> is the PID you noted from the high-usage process.

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