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    New to VPS, need help

    Recently I just went from a resellers account from hostgator to a VPS to stargateinc. I've never delt with a VPS and the control panel is a lot different from what I had at hostgator.

    I have no idea how to set up an account for a site how to add disk space bandwith all that stuff I was able to do with the resllers account, adding packages and what not.

    I cant find anything on stargate control panel to do this, can somebody please point me to a site to a how to VPS or somebody please show me what I can do that I was able to do with host gator resller account.


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    It looks like you are setup with Plesk so its worth searchign for that however the company should provide support if you need help


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    Would you happen to know of a site that teaches how to use pleask?

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    I would start off with the official Plesk documentation. It's got a wealth of information.

    It's broken down to Admin stuff, Client stuff, etc. Definately worth a read.

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