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    Question How can I install Zend optimizer

    Hello everyone,

    Im having trouble with zend optimizer Im kind of a newbie with linux.
    I installed webcp in Redhat9 but it is telling me that I need Zend optimizer modular.

    Question: How can I install the modular and what would be the command that I have to take.

    Thank You in advance

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    You posted 3 times with same topic!

    Just search it within the forums. I seen a good tutorial on it before.
    Or maybe you should google it....

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    Wow three of the same topic. Let's burn him and feed him to wild animals..

    Anywho, have you tried looking at the zend website( I'm sure they will have instructions on there to help you..


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    Yes I know sorry about that it was a mistake

    Yes I tried to install it but what it says now is that I have to enable pcntl.

    Doese anyone now whats that about?

    Thank You

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