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    Generating money with servers

    I am planning on purchasing a dedicated server for my own website and for a game server.
    I need a way to get money to pay for the server. Are there any specific ways that you guys reccomend?
    I heard google adsense was good, and I know I can always put up a "Paypal donation" button.
    Is there anything else though?
    Also, how many websites and game servers could I host on an AMD Sempron 2800 with 512MB Ram and Plesk 7.5?

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    resell space

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    Get a job... That's the best way I know, that usually helps pay for stuff and get the things you want with money to spare...

    Otherwise if your site generates a lot of interest... you can do google adsense, donations, etc.

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    Even with advertising, it will take a while before a web site gets enough traffic to generate enough income to cover cost. It is not something instantaneous.

    If you are working on game servers, you might want to consider providing it as a paid service or at least gather contributions from the gamers to help foot the bill of the server.

    But before you begin anything, make sure that you have at least 6 times the server rental fees sitting around in your bank to help pay for expenses during the initial and dry spots.

    Being profitable fast can be a very frustrating tasks.

    ikeo's comments may seems harsh but that is the actual reality. You will probably need to find a way to pay for the server expenses so that you know that the next month's bills would be paid. Living on banners and donations can get slow if you do not have a large pool of willing supporters who would go to the ends of the earth for you.

    If you do ever consider reselling space, make sure that you can provide the necessary technical support by doing so.

    Putting game servers with web sites on the same machine may not really be a good idea depending on what your sites do. If they are static pages then probably it would not be too bad, you know how it is with gamers when it comes to lag during game play. I know that some could complain if their characters gets refreshed every few seconds.

    The idea with game servers is to keep the server as clean as possible so as to provide more resources for the game. I am not sure about the AMD configuration and I am not sure what operating system, games you are planning to support and how many slots, all of which would inevitably affect the system.

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    why not get a clan (friends or online buddy) to chip in money for the game server.

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    thats wut we do...
    we own a game server and the best way is to split the cost with all the members ... not many want to join if they have to pay which means only people that really like the game will .... theres 10 of us which makes it $10 per month ....... you can always give that a try websites for game clans dont really generade alot of money atleast on our case it dosent

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