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    Nocster, How are they recently?

    I was nocster's customer once, only about a month, but during that month I was very happy with their support & server. I left them because I was extremely busy with final task as university student.

    I want to have one low cost server, for software testing, backup and anything else which is not hosting company, and nocster comes up on my mind.

    I heard that they had couple of downtimes because of dDos attack, so alot of people said bad reviews about them, then I stopped to hear anything from nocster even from this forum.

    How are they recently? Do they still have those network issue?
    Please give me reviews, nocster's customers will be better

    Thank you.

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    We resell their servers and have for quite. We have used them for quite some time. We have minimal complaints. I personally give them an A+. Sorry to be so brief.
    Lee W.

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    Thank you voltagehosting, me myself think that they're quite good, but I need second opinions

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    Re: Nocster, How are they recently?

    Originally posted by l0ck_up
    . . . nocster's customers will be better. . .
    Them's the only ones that should matter.

    I've been with Burst/Nocster for four years.

    I'm still there.

    I think Nocster is a great value.

    Come on back!
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    Great! four years is not a short time at all.

    SoftWareRevue, which one you have been with? Nocster or BurstNET? I assume that nocster on their lowest level of network while on their premium.

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    There was no Nocster four years ago.

    But Nocster's about all I use now with Burst.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    I see, thanks for your comment

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    Nocster is a great provider for a lower budget. There support was outstanding when I was with them, that was over an year ago.

    My only reason for leaving was due to there network problems, but I believe they are improved a great deal from what I read here at WHT.

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    NocSter is great provider ,with nice prices , Very good support ,The techs always willing to help and do the extra for you (hmmm Dave..hmm..he is the best one) ,The sales always kind and professional for any thing you need from them.

    Old Guy in WHT.
    IT Expert | Hosting Professional.
    Over 12 Years of Hosting Experience.

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    Thanks guys, I found good reviews about them.

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    Also take a look at this thread:

    Cheers, Abraham

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    << Also take a look at this thread >>

    This client could not be pleased from the start, no matter what we did to try and assist him. Unfortunately, we cannot please every single client, and therefore there will be rare instances as such. As long as the vast majority of our clients are happy--then we are doing something right.

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    I would like to hear some about the uptime people have had with BurstNET. I am thinking of picking up a small dedicated server there to use in a DNS cluster.

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    As with almost all providers Nocster has some downtime for upgrades or network issues. In the past year I can think of maybe four downtimes including system upgrades/maintenance.

    Service has been helpful considering I use the basic management of Nocster. I have had a few questions out of the specified tasks that support has helped with.

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