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    shopping cart for unique item store...

    Hi Everyone!

    I am looking for a shopping cart that can handle some "unique" customers, LOL. All of my items are unique/one of a kind. When things are listed for sale there is often a rush of 50-100 people trying to buy one item. I need a cart that can handle this without slowing down too much. another thing that would be great is if the cart was easily modified so that the inventory was taken out of stock as soon as somone hit the "add to cart" button instead of after payment.... then returned to stock if the person empties the cart or if a certain amount of time has passed.

    I have used many carts in the past..... sunshop, click cart pro, oscommerce.. etc I am just not sure which cart would be best equipped to handle this behavoir. The ones I am thinknig of are litecommerce, oscommerce, cubecart, zencart (tho that is what I use now and so far have not gotten anyone who thinks the inventory modification is possible without overload the database with too many queries). Tho I am open if anyone has any other suggestions.....?

    I've been testing out carts for about 2 days straight and i think my eyes are starting to bleed, LOL.

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    Welcome to the forums patchymama!

    You might contact Martin over at to see if he can offer some advice.

    As far as the slowness - it usually depends on the server and the load on that server at that time

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