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    Best Dedicated Server Company that will help move the site as well?

    I am not well versed (to say the least) in hosts and moving sites. I need a host that will take care of me and help move my site to ensure a smooth transition as I can't afford for the site to be down long. It is a busy forum with 300-400 users online at all times. Who do you recommend? Price matters to a degree, but I am happy to pay more for quality service and support.

    Site uses 200GB and growing quickly. Averages 8k uniques a day. 1,000+ members online a day. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm not aware of any Dedicated Server companies who advertise this as a service on their website, however, I suggest finding a host you'd like to go with, and ask their sales/support department if they would be able to do it for you.

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    Yeah I would guess any host would assist you in moving the site. If anything they might charge a small fee because that is a large site. If they won't help you I would move on to the next place. If they aren't willing to help now why would they help in the future?
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    Most any dedicated server ought to be able to handle it (though I'd get a gig of RAM) -- I'm running a comparable vB forum on a 2xP3 server with 1.5 G RAM:

    Server Load Averages 1.27 0.96 0.87 | 463 Users Online (194 members and 269 guests)

    So not too bad. The problem with this setup is that mysqldumps (the database is gigabytes in size) make the forum unresponsive until the dump is complete. Ouch.

    So, we're moving up to a bigger box in a datacenter. It's not like that server is high-powered by today's standards, though.

    As far as the move, back up the database, back up the files and directories, move the server, and make sure it works. The only really slow part id the transfer of the DB.

    Feel free to e-mail or PM if you've got questions.

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    With MySQL intensive sites, the key to having a happy existence is SCSI RAID. Your server will perform dramatically better and will be better suited to handle your continual growth with a minimum of fuss. If you're budget can't handle SCSI, SATA will do, but it isn't up to par with SCSI when it comes to I/O and transfer.

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    Site must be put down for some time.. with such a large site, there is no other option..

    Though for your vistor's convinience, you can put a notice on your site 7 days in advance..
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    you might wanna contact Jim at - he handled my own migration from a w2k server to a new w2k3 server and my 45 domians came over perfectly! And he looks after other updates and stuff that I needed done too....all a cost below my own datacentre's costings !


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    Originally posted by domainwala
    Site must be put down for some time.. with such a large site, there is no other option..

    Though for your vistor's convinience, you can put a notice on your site 7 days in advance..
    I disagree.
    You can move a site to another provider in 5 minutes if needed- just set the Refresh time on your DNS to 300 seconds or something, then change the IP.

    The main problem comes with the DB.
    Can you not archive most of that so that you can put that on the new server a day or so before the switch, and then only current posts (i.e less than 7 days old etc) can be moved- that will keep the database size right down so that you can transfer it, and restore it very quickly.
    It's probabally possible to do it all with only 10 minutes downtime or so.
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    Heres an idea...
    This is how I moved my site:
    1) set up MySQL on your new server.
    2) Copy the database on your old server to the new server. Make your forums "offline" for this period of time
    3) Point your forums database to the new server instead of the old server. That way it will read and write to the databases on your new server.
    4) Now your set. Bring your forums back online, and move other stuff at your leisure.

    Good luck!

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    Could you clarify if the 200GB is disk space in use or data transfer monthly?
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    With vB forum, I think there is a feature that allows the site to shutdown to a read-only mode so you could dump the sql and migrate it over by that.

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    contact sales at -- They can probably help you out with this if you go with them.
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