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    one word - PREDITOR


    I didn't buy this domain to sell it. I bought it to develop a website idea I had. But I'm still curious to know what I could sell it for because I can always do my idea with a different name.

    1) I'm in the tv industry and people who are both PRoducers and EDITORs are called a PREDITOR. That's why I bouught it.

    2) I then found out that the computer programming industry has a term for people who are PRogrammers and EDITORs which are also referred to as a PREDITOR.

    3) Not only is it a single dictionary word but it's got awesome branding and image to it. It's a powerful and aggressive word.

    4) Because of reason #3, it 's the name of many school and professional sports teams. There's probably more that I haven't searched for but off the top of my head there's an Arena Football League team called the Preditors.

    5) It may not be .com but it's the next best thing. Widely recognized tld.

    So anyway now I'll stop talking. I am wondering what you think. How much do you think the domain is worth? Maybe I'll decide to sell it.


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    Not to be a downer but I doubt its worth what you where hoping, I'd say $200-500 max unless you find an interested company (which is difficult to do) or can get whoever owns the .com interested.

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    its worth the registration fee (and its spelled wrong)

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