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    Reliable Spam filters and outgoing mail

    I am looking to change web hosting services for my company for two reasons. First, the spam filters at 1and1 produce as many false positives as they do real pieces of spam caught. Secondly, we've had several instances of important business e-mail being blocked by services because of what other people have done. Is there anything I should look for in a Windows server hosting plan that would indicate better spam filters than 1and1 and the ability to not have our e-mail blocked? I'd like something short of going to a dedicated server if at all possible.

    I posted this kind of question somewhere else once and someone leapt to the defense of 1and1, saying that it wasn't any big deal if the block lasted only a week or so. Yes, it is. A technical e-mail issue is one thing but being blocked by a major ISP because of a service that hosts spammers or some other questionable behavior that can get you blocked from more reputable services does NOT work for a small business. We don't do sales or anything that allows the web site to generate revenue directly (our pages are just informational) so the boss doesn't want to spend a ton on it, but doesn't consider reliable e-mail to be asking too much of a hosting company.

    Any suggestions or information will be appreciated.

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    hai jim,

    Two things I'd like to do on our outgoing mail servers.

    1. Filter all outgoing mail for spam and viruses and trash all flagged emails or store them in a folder till I can get a look at them.

    2. Count how many times a given IP sends a message that is filtered out then generate a log and send it to me every day, or store it somewhere that I can ssh in and retrieve that information.

    Not sure if this is asking too much, or if I'm completely in the wrong
    mailing list, but I wanted to ask just to be certain.

    for more details plz visit the following link....

    Bright Info Solutions

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    - 1&1 is one of the largest providers in the world. A smaller host will be less likely to get blacklisted simply due to the numbers.

    - Several of the spam blacklists have historic records going back quite some time. You can check a potential host's IP addresses in the larger blacklists (spews, sorbs, etc.) and see if/when they've been listed.

    - Look for a host who allows you to control your own spam filtering. I'm not sure about Windows, but under Linux Spamassassin can be configured globally or per account. If a host allows you to train your own filters, the accuracy will improve substantially.
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