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    Setting virtual nameserver at GoDaddy

    I think I'm having a little trouble with GoDaddy. I asked my host to set me up as a virtual nameserver for my reseller account, so that my clients would see my host name on a whois and not my actual hosting company. I'm not sure if they actually had to do anything but they gave me two IP address numbers and told me all I had to do is put those numbers in as nameservers for the domain I wanted 'virtualized'. I went to GoDaddy to do this but it just won't let me. It says that I have to use a legit registered nameserver - I assume they mean a domain name and not an IP address but I really don't fully understand my own problem. I wrote to their tech support and learned the meaning of pointless waste of my time. So did I do something wrong? How do I get my IP addresses in as the nameservers for my domain at GoDaddy?


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    If you search through GoDaddy's control panel, you will find a place to "Register a Nameserver". I'm not *exactly* sure where this is, if you need me to go find it, I'd be more then happy to. Once you get to that page you need to create your nameservers using those two IP addresses that your host gave you. After registering the nameservers you need to go to your domain(s) and set your nameservers to reflect the ones you just registered.

    Hopefully this helps.

    Good luck!

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    Before - you were modifying your "Nameservers Summary", you need to be looking just below that at "Domain Host Summary". From there you will be given something that looks like the following...

    You need to create 2 entries (depending on how many IP's they gave you) (where this is the IP they told you)

    Then once you have this done, you need to change the setting you were in before to reflect this change.


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    First, log into your customer account:

    Go to the Go Daddy Account Login Page
    Log in using your account username (which may be the same as your customer number) and password

    If you have trouble logging in, our password reset form may help you. You can find this form through the following link:
    Account Retrieval Page

    Once logged in just follow these steps:

    Select 'Manage Domains' from the 'Domain Names' menu at the top of the page
    Click on the domain you wish to configure nameservers for
    Click the '+' next to 'Domain Host Summary' from the menu that appears on the right
    Click on the link named 'Click here to see details or to modify'
    Enter the first name server with it's IP address
    Click 'Save Changes'

    You can click 'Add New Host' to register more than one server. When complete, please allow a full 48 hours for the server names' registration. These changes to the settings on your domain take a full 48 hours to become effective across the internet because of the number of networks involved, and because these networks are controlled by several different agencies. This delay applies to all domains with any Registrar, not just Go Daddy.
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    Awesome. Thanks a ton.

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