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    * Blind man denied service over guide dog

    Blind Man Claims Taco Bell Denied Service Over Guide Dog

    A Florida man has filed a discrimination complaint against Taco Bell after he was allegedly denied service because he brought his guide dog in the restaurant, according to a Local 6 News report.

    Jose Lopez, who is blind, said he was told to leave a Taco Bell restaurant in Pompano Beach after some of the customers complained about the dog.

    Lopez said the store's general manager spoke with him about the dog.

    "I was trying to tell him again, 'sir, we are talking here about a service animal and I am allowed to be in any place,'" Lopez said. "And he told me that he doesn't care, go out."

    When he didn't leave, Lopez claims he was denied service.

    "He again said, 'OK, whatever you want, you can stay here but nobody is going to serve you,'" Lopez said.

    Dolores McDiarmid of the Lighthouse for the Blind group said that service dogs must be admitted into public places.

    "It's a service animal and all service animals are required by law to be admitted into any public place where anyone else can go," McDiarmid said.

    Taco Bell claims Lopez did not identify himself as being blind.

    "Everybody can see that I was blind," Lopez said
    This is TOTAL BS!!!!!! I hope he extracts ALOT OF MONEY FROM THIS!!

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    I hope he gets lots of money as well!
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