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Here at webtechtalk.com over the last few months we have had quite a major breakthrough. More sign ups, more domains to access the site, more tutorials, many more articles and submitted to many dirctories. Our tutorials are even posted in directories such as pixel2live and tutorialized which we have recieved quite a number of hits from.So thank you all who helped and supported us!

Stats: Stats: http://webtechtalk.com/misc_stats/stats.JPG

The above stats show how popular we have become over the last 3 months and we are still growing faster and more rapidly then before!

Our domains:

www.webtechtalk.com pr 2!




www.computer-tech.org pr 3!

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Please note you are limited to 1 banner and 1 text link maximum per month if you require more then please get in touch.Both the text link and banners are site wide.

Contact email: [email protected]

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We do stress how ever, no time wasters please!

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