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    Top list design idea

    Hi I run a toplist site, it gets good traffic. I'm thinking of changing the look of so that it has 2 columns of sites.

    at the moment it loots like this

    rank3 and so on

    i'm thinking of making it look like this

    rank1 || rank2
    rank3 || rank4

    do you think its a good idea or should i stick with standard toplist look?

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    I think you should stick with the original idea, especially because some of the sites might have banners that they might want to advertise, and depending on the size, it's best to have it centered.
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    I agree with phlint, and also because people are used to seeing toplist sites listed from top to bottom. Don't see many top 10 lists of any kind that are not simply stacked (rather than left to right).

    I would stick with it. However, with some programming you could do tabs... something like...

    TAB1 TAB2

    Rank1 (of TAB1)
    Rank2 (of TAB1)
    Rank3 (of TAB1)

    So that when they click "Tab 2" they get the Tab 2 list in place of Tab 1's list, like this...

    TAB1 TAB2

    Rank1 (of TAB2)
    Rank2 (of TAB2)
    Rank3 (of TAB2)'s an idea
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