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    Question Reselling Dedicated Game Servers!

    Ok let me explain what I am doing here.
    I have a hosting company that is offering webspace for forums and website for gamers. I am also looking into a MMORPG Maker program called RealmCrafter

    They will be selling their product from $55 to $105, So there will be alot of game developers who will be making their own MMORPG's and each one will be needing a game server to run their games. I was going to make a shared plan for lower end games with little players, a VPS game server for med range and dedicated server for high end games with around 1k-10k players on each one.

    The hardware specs on the server engine is low but requires windows. but its still in beta testing and it doesn't sate how many players it can handle.

    I will be looking to resale dedicated game servers from another provider, I am not sure what i will be needing yet to get into it, the cheaper the price the better but with high bandwidth or unmetered and also a server with high ram.

    Ok here is some things I would like,
    I will need a provider that I can resale their dedicated servers,
    It will have to be on a month to month contract,
    I will have to collect the money from the cleint first then purchase the dedicated server and set it up,

    The hosting company that I run will offer full gaming support, and we will be very supportive as much as posible.

    Here are some questions I do have,

    What would be the best provider?
    What kind of system will I need to run such a game server?
    What price range will I be looking and and charge my clients?
    How much bandwidth will I need on a high end game?
    If anyone runs a game server can you give me some feedback on the to do's and not to do's?
    Can this idea even work?
    Could I get all I want for a very low price?

    Please let me know any thing and every thing I will be wanting to know or even things that I might not know about. all the information that I can get on this would be great. I am doing as much research as I can.
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    A few questions you want to ask yourself are:

    Managed/Unmanaged Servers
    Where do you want the server(s) to be located?
    What is my price range?

    Your Questions:
    1. Go with a reliable one with good reviews, LayeredTech, Sagonet and others like that.
    2. P4 2.8 can hold about 5/6 gameservers so if you know your gonna have a few best go with Dual Xeons or Dual Opertons
    3. That depends on several things
    4. It is best if you purchase a server with 10mbps Unmetered Bandwidth +
    5. Not my area
    6. Seems like a good idea
    7. Most providers after a certain resells you will probably get a discount

    Hope This Helps

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    The servers will be located in the USA for now, does it matter what state? if so why?
    I will end up setting up UK server for later on.

    the price range all depends ont he cleints, I have talked about charging around $20 to $40 more then what the provider will charge me, I have talked about some plans using but not sure now, here is what it looked like as I research.

    Intel Dual Xeon 2.4 GHz Packages
    2 GB RAM - (2) 73GB SCSI Hard Drives
    2000 GB Monthly Transfer

    Windows Standard Edition $399
    Windows Web Edition $349

    above is what I was going to charge, when I showed these numbers to some game developers i was laughed at and said that was to high. so I am not sure anymore. please let me know.
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    Originally posted by tryant
    The servers will be located in the USA for now, does it matter what state? if so why?
    I will end up setting up UK server for later on.
    I would try and get an even amount of east coast, central, and west coast servers. That way developers can get a server closer to them so they get higher speeds.
    Good luck. Seems like a good idea.

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