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    Just wanted to say that my site now has got a forum and I'd be glad to see all auto fans and fanatics at

    The skin I used for the forum is a little bit modified SemiSwirl and logo is my creation.

    Maybe you have some ideas, suggestions or other comments about my new automotive board? Please post them here or ar

    Hope you will like it and register there. Thanks

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    Originally posted by next7
    Suggested discussion: Ads & Offers
    It seems he's in the right place!

    Overall, nice work! Here's what caught my eye:

    **The font you use in your domain name (in the header) is tough to read. Not a major issue, as readers making it to your domain will likely know where they're headed..

    **Everything is very "one color." Again, not bad, but..dull.

    Everything else looks great! You have a nice selection of forum topics, header is good and you've clearly put some thought into your site.

    Well done!

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    Good use of pastel colors though you may add a bit more graphics into the header to make it a bit more lively.

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