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    Armerican Airline Suitcase rules?

    What are the rule? What can I carry on the plane with me? What can't I put in my suitcase?

    I am going to Arizona sometime soon. (leaving from PA). I be there for 3 months.
    I have a laptop. I want to take my VCR. Can I take my VCR in teh carry on suitcase or the bottom of airplane suitcase? I will die if I don't get to watch tv.
    Would I also be able to carry an LCD screen with me?
    I did get the aver 300 UBS 2.0 but it didn't work with my laptop because my laptop have UBS 1.1.
    So I brought the aver tvbox 5, and now I have to buy a LCD screen. WE don't have cable, we use antenna. Which LCD less than 200$ should I buy?

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    Wait. you want to carry a laptop, VCR and a LCD screen with you? Personally I would ship the VCR and the LCD Screen and NOT take it with you on the flight (even as cargo). Airports do not listen very well to "fragile" signs.

    Ship the VCR & LCD via Fedex (insured and carefully pack) 1 day before your flight (or 2 days if someone can sign for it). And just take your laptop with you onboard.

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