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    apache 2.0.52 to 2.0.54

    i'm running apache 2.0.52 on my windows xp box. i'm interested in upgrading to apache 2.0.54.

    can somebody give me detailed steps on how to upgrade?

    i would like to know what installation to download and how to preserve my mysql, php4, perl, phpMyAdmin and config file settings.

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    hi nocloud,

    Changes with Apache 2.0.52

    *) Use HTML 2.0 <hr> for error pages. PR 30732 [André Malo]

    *) Fix the global mutex crash when the global mutex is never allocated
    due to disabled/empty caches. [Jess Holle <jessh>]

    *) Fix a segfault in the LDAP cache when it is configured switched
    off. [Jess Holle <jessh>]

    *) SECURITY: CAN-2004-0811 (
    Fix merging of the Satisfy directive, which was applied to
    the surrounding context and could allow access despite configured
    authentication. PR 31315. [Rici Lake <rici>]

    *) Fix the handling of URIs containing %2F when AllowEncodedSlashes
    is enabled. Previously, such urls would still be rejected.
    [Jeff Trawick, Bill Stoddard]

    *) mod_mem_cache: Fixed race condition causing segfault because of memory being
    freed twice, or reused after being freed.
    [J. Clar, W. Stoddard, G. Ames]

    *) Add -l option to rotatelogs to let it use local time rather than
    UTC. PR 24417. [Ken Coar, Uli Zappe <uli>]

    *) mod_log_config: Fix a bug which prevented request completion time
    processing. PR 29696. [Alois Treindl <alois>]

    check it out the following link for clarifications:
    Bright Info Solutions

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    thanks a lot for your reply...

    it appears from the changelog that it would be best for me to upgrade...

    can you give me clarification on the steps i would take to upgrade and still preserve all my current settings??

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