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    Dedicated Xeon power Server

    Dedicated XEON Power Server
    Free Helm = Free Windows = Free Smartermail= Free Smarter Stats
    Free Setup and First 30 Days Free

    XEON 3.06 GHZ. / with 512K
    2 = 250 GB Mirrored High Speed SATA Hard Drives
    2 GB DDR High Speed memory
    2000 Gig Bandwidth
    Free Helm Control Panel
    Free SmarterMail and SmarterStats 50 domain licenses..
    Free Windows 2000 Operating System Installed
    Supermicro 1U Xeon Platform
    Regular Price $499.00 Special only $299.95 per month for New Clients
    Server in a Secure Climate Controlled Facility.
    24/7 Live Tech Support

    [email protected]
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