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    Question Domain transfer without 1 year extension

    Hi all,
    Are there any registrars\resellers etc around that will transfer a name in but not charge for the one year extension and will just keep the existing expiry date due to the fact that the domain already has x years on it?


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    Not that I know of.

    The transfer rules are dictated by ICANN. I believe that all registrars are required to collect at least one year's registration fee and then extend out the expiration date by the additional time period paid for.
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    ahhh...ok, thanks a lot for your reply!

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    Well...there may be one way. There's an ICANN rule wherein if you
    transfer your domain within 45 days after its last renewal, there
    won't be an added year.

    Here's the rule in case you're curious...

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    Thanks for the link and info, I guess like it says it would be a case of getting the money back through the registrar if they agree to it...

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    It really doesn't "pay" to transfer without getting a year. The registrar is charged $6 for the transfer by ICANN and some, like GoDaddy, will add a year to the expiration date with the transfer. Hence, I suppose you might find a registrar that would allow you to transfer "at cost" for $6 but then why would turn down another year for $.95 more? Doesn't make sense.
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    the rule is by ICANN, have to renew while do the transfer.

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    many registrars allow you to push domains between accounts. these accounts have to be through them though.

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