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    Thumbs up My experience with Site5 superhosting :)

    Greetings everyone!

    I have just completed the transfer from my old host to Site5 on their "superhosting multi-site" plan.

    My website is a community with a reasonable amount of traffic on a day to day basis (around 1500 uniques) so I felt it was time to move to a larger plan that could offer more facilities to improve the experience to my sites users.

    Site5 have decent support, I have been in the live chat about a dozen times now and they always respond promptly, friendly and answer my questions without hesitation. I have also used their support ticket service and I recieved a reply within abou 5 minutes with the answer to my query.

    I decided to order a plan through them several days ago, the order was actually processed about 18 hours later (didn't really bother me but I did question the sales staff about the length of time it takes to setup an account) low and behold my account was activated shortly and I was given FREE hosting for that month to compensate for any inconvience caused. Thumbs up there.

    The features site5 have are great, multi-site is easy to use and the netadmin is superb, alot of great tools and it loads alot faster than my old ensim cp I used. Haven't ran into any real problems yet. Importing the database did have it's hiccups, but the site5 technicans were quick to enable SSH on my server for a smooth transfer.

    Now my site is back online again (DNS change might still affect some users) but the speed is noticable, it's ALOT faster compared to how it was before. I'm happy with my short stay with site5 so far and hope this continues

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    Thank you for talking time to write this informative review. Give us an update sometime in the future with some uptime related data!

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    SiteFive continues to please the masses which is a nice change from the non-stop complaints about many hosts. Keep up the good work Matt and gang.

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    Used to use them - very good. Also hivelocity are good for uncapped hi bandwidth servers

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