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    PPC Search engine for sale - 1288 searches so far this month

    You are bidding on

    Searches Today: 367
    Average Searches/Day: 42.9
    Searches This Month: 1288

    These stats are without promotion or advertising of any kind. There are many ways you can make money from this site. I have it tied into Revenu Pilot, and you can use Search Feed, or you can use the results powered by your advertisers, or all three.

    From the admin area you can control all areas of the site including, but not limited to, template design and over all look and feel.
    My account is one of the listed members.

    The winner gets all code, and domain name. I wll keep it hosted for free until you find your own host, or I can host it for $7.94 a month.

    Asking price - $50

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    What script is the site using?

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    Originally posted by HostBidder
    What script is the site using?
    JoMo Media PPC Software

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    How many Unique hits so far this month?

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    yeah webalizer stats would be nice

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    stats from the last 3 days:

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    if you can accept payment other than paypal (unfortunately my country is not a paypal verified country) then SOLD for your asking price $50

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    Sorry paypal only

    What other methods are there that you can use?

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    I'm interested. Can you mail me (ossi at

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    $50.00 paypal please.

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    paypal down,will try again later,thanks

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    Did you paid and owned that scrip license?

    I'm sorry is this SOLD?
    Last edited by VP21; 05-14-2005 at 12:50 PM.

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    not sld yet yes i own the script and paid the licence

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    still for sale

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