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    New Hosting Templates For Sale

    Hello Everybody,

    I'm offering this unique templates for sale.

    Please visit :

    What you will get with this template:

    - PSD File (source file)
    - HTML with CSS Integration
    - All fonts used
    - Exclusive rights
    - Sliced Images with web optimizations

    All Templates are unique, coded and for one time sale Only!!!!!!!!

    Place an order at this mail id: [email protected]

    All Payments through paypal only.


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    Very nice work that template 1

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    Wink thanks a lot

    Thanks a lot for your feedback........FlightLizard

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    Template 5 is sold out

    Template 5 is sold out !!!!!!!!!!

    Rest of the templates are still for sale

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    WOW, I really like Template 1......... do you happen to have an HTML version to show? I need to check how fast it loads and how optimized the HTML version is...

    Is price negotiable?? (wouldn't hurt to ask)

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    Wow very nice template indeed number 1 ... for how much?

  7. As always, very nice work!
    Warmest regards,
    ZiggyHost - Web Hosting Made Simple

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    Really nice! Number 1 in great!

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    i like all of them, do you make templates for other type of sites?

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    Template 3 is sold out

    Template 3 and 5 are sold out .....Rest of the templates are still for sale

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