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    Looking for good SEO person

    I am looking for a talented SEO person to optimize my site, I prefer someone who is used to MSN and Google optimizing.

    If you are interested please let me know your experience and rates. I prefer fixed time/prices.
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    The best thing to do is just work on boosting your PR with solid link exchanges using the keywords that you are needing traffic for... I couldn't help you in terms of keyword frequency stuff because IMHO that's a waste of time once the algorithms change. Really you need an ongoing SE strategy--and your best bet is like I said--looking for quality link exchanges. Also running a blog is a great way to get indexed and to generate traffic.

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    Thanks for that tip - however, my experience with link exchanges are very bad. I got banned on Google for it, and when I got back, it was with PR0. Only 2 months later I got my normal PR back... So I think I want to try with something else, but I don't have the time/knowledge to do it really well.

    Let me know if anybody are interested.
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    There are sites that you can join that reveal all the latest SEO tricks--if you are paying an employee chances are you will have to pay for the subscription to one of these sites anyway.

    Like you saw though there's no "get rich quick" solution. Google is not going to ban you for trading links unless you are building fake sites and linking them together--that's pretty pointless. Are you trying to get SE traffic for you hosting site? That's going to be pretty difficult especially considering all of the other hosts on the web... What you might need is some specialization (your strength) and focus on getting traffic using keywords that relate to your specialization.

    Charging a fixed rate for SEO is pretty difficult. Back in 1998 when I did some SEO work I was working per hour and just doing some basic page optimizations (making sure all the necessary keywords were being used as meta tags)... these days though there's no quick solution like that--you'll need more of an ongoing strategy/marketing person to build relationships with other sites that have a keyword-rich relationship with your site... and build up more content that the robots will enjoy munching on... and even then it might take a while to see results.

    How much do you plan to spend on this?
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    At least you are confirming that it is about as complicated as I thought. If it was just metatags a.s.o. I could easily do it myself. But as mentioned, I don't have much idea on how search engines works these days - and Google is a study for itself...

    I am in no way aiming for the top 3 position, but "just" to increase my general SE visibility. I don't mind if it takes a while either. I am not in a hurry... I would like to be one of the first when searching for MP Hosting though...

    I guess I would just like someone to look at my site and make the mods necessary to potentially get me a bit up the lists over time (including sensible site relationships)... Then maybe get back in 3-6 months and check again...

    I am not looking for standard packages - I can buy them myself... I am looking for someone who already know what is in the standard packages and can apply the knowledge to my site.

    Fixed prices are difficult I know, which is also why I prefer them, and not demand them. But somehow saying "count on $xx per hour and my experiences show that your site will probably take xx hours per page" could give me an indication as to whether I think it will be worth it in the long run...

    Hoping that you, pjames, or anyone else talented will get back to me on this.
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