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    What's in a name? Saturated hosting market, better to try something different?

    Hi. I'm looking to separate the hosting of my web design clients into a separate entity. I can use current customers to get a decent account with a reputable host. I'm wondering if a name makes much of a difference? There are so many companies out there with host-this and host-that - many using the same basic template. If I plan to approach hosting through the web design side of things, would a more abstract or creative name work? Thanks for your input.

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    Well, the name Utaria is working pretty well for me.

    If you are approaching from the 'creative' side of things, then a creative name would help... Rather than using you could do

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    I would definitely go with the creative based name. It sounds like that is your bread and butter and it enhances your image in a niche market of hosts that handle design issues (or the other way around). Good niche. Glad to see more people getting into hosting with additional services rather than concentrating on price alone.

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