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    ServerMatrix or LiquidWeb ...Support?

    I'm about to order a couple of Windows Servers on one of these hosters and I would like to know which will offer the best support and network uptime.
    The opinion I've read on this forum is pretty mixed and I'm looking for someone with experience of these hosters to advice me which way to go.
    Price is important but a reliable and rapid support is more important. I plan to host corporate applications that really need to be up during business hours.

    Thanks in advance for your advice


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    Both ServerMatrix and LiquidWeb have excellent networks - network uptime would not be an issue with any of these companies.

    Speaking of pricing and support, Liquidweb is more expensive, but they provide a much better level of customer support than ServerMatrix/ThePlanet. I would suggest doing a better research of the Dedicated Server Forum. You will hardly find any negative feedback about Liquidweb, and if you need horror stories (e.g. servers disconnected by mistake etc) - do a search on ThePlanet or ServerMatrix.

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    A second for Liquidweb. No comparison.

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    SM for us!

    we too faced the same problem you do last fall...and after haunting forums and seaching for hosting reviews...we settled on SM.

    and we are very very happy! As I've commented before (do a search in this forum under my name to see past SM comments if you've the time) - they DO answer the phone by the second ring. They know w2k3 servers perfectly for me and I've yet to have a problem that they've ever said would cost me a dime to have them fix it. That does include some items that I now know I should have done myself - but the lads in ts dug in and helped no problems.

    Plus, I had a hell of a time trying to NOT renew an old cert for a client and buying one of theirs but again, they logged in and fixed all. I did NOT get the managed server pricing either, so I figure that I'm way way way ahead on what they've done "on the cuff," and will tell anyone and everyone...SM works for us!!!


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    Actually, Liquidweb will give you more for your money. In terms of both the server and support.

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    a vote for LW here, very rocksolid company, very good service

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    Thanks for all the comments.
    There doesn't really seem to be much in it except for price.
    I'm going t go with both of them I think. A server on each and during the system development stage decide which is best and which is for standby.


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    Make sure you take offsite daily backups on the SM server. There have been entirely too many instances of them reformatting incorrect drives.

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    Should I be frightened by this.
    I need the server to be reliable but I will be hosting a standby for failover elsewhere.

    Is there better out there Layered Tech for instance cheap but no phone support, is their support up to the standard of SM or LiquidWeb?

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    Liquid Web gets my vote.

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    liquidweb all the way!

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