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    Looking for Quality Ad Opportunities

    Hi All,

    I am looking for quality ad opportunities to promote my company.

    I'd like to keep costs under control, so the costs have to be fixed (ie. $50 per month). Unlimited impressions on quality sites is very high on my list.

    Please give me your suggestions/offers - I am even open to alternative advertisement (trying what the different ad types can do for me).

    If you can offer this or anything else ad-related that can be of good value to me, please let me know either here, via PM or on admin[-a-t-]
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    I have a web host directory with an average of 100-150 uniques visit a day, your banner can be on top of all pages, except index and search page, which will be on the bottom. Can also get you as featured web host. PM me if you are interested, we can negotiate trough AIM, MSN or ICQ.
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    Dec 2004
    1 million+ hits last month 1700+ unique/day Have 2 site wide banners open and 1 sitewide link open

    Banner - $10/month
    Link - $7/month

    Stats: (from march will be updating for april)
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    Hey there! has just gone back online with site5 today

    We are a growing webdesign/development community, 1,125 members, average of 1,500 uniques daily, pr4.

    We have sold out of header banners but have a static 125x125 banner on our index page (Prime position, high ctr) that is $150/month for UNLIMITED impressions.

    We also have 3 spots further down available, 120x60 for $50/month for UNLIMITED impressions. for order information.


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    mpoulsen, you've just hit right in the center of a target!

    For $50, I have a few great deals for you to consider. I'm talking about prime resources with the highest quality exposure possible.

    One of the opportunities I would have recommended would be at (web hosting forum, an advertising choice of many top hosting companies). Even though this opportunity is NOT available till June 1, you can grab it in just 2 weeks (I can reserve a spot for you). We run a text-link special which if you prepay for 10-12 months, you get an exactly $50/mo rate instead of $95/mo! Almost 50% off.

    I just assumed that you are trying to promote and trying to suggest something that might work well for your campaign. I can see your hosting packages are quite affordable, so you gain an advantage over more higher priced competitors, that's why your campaign might perform better.

    Another opportunity is at which receives 200,000+ unique visitors and readers every month. A text-link with amazing reach and exposure goes at only $30/mo as a special rate instead of $85/mo. regular rate.

    Let me know if any of these interest you. Keep in mind that spots are limited, but text-links - we'll only have this one spot opening and no more will be available for a few months.

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    London, UK
    116 PR5 PR3

    120x60 pixel sitewide + no rotation! Stats are visible on the sites (right panel)!

    Price: $30 USD / month via PayPal only!

    PM me to get your campaign established!
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    I have ~ 3000-3500 uniques visitors per day on my PR3 site (

    The banner space will be available by may 21. 468x80 size.

    100$ / month

    Payment must be done through paypal.



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    If you are still looking please visit my post here

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