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    registerfly free services ..

    Hi, this morning i purchased a domain on registerfly and it said i would get some free services like 25mb website ( No ads )
    and more .. but how do i actually get the free services ?

    Ive checked around on the homepage and i havn't found it yet .. ive gone to servers and it says nothing about any free services and if i press Web hosting > manage Myhosting and then i get to a page where i can fill a ID and PASSWORD and when i fill the ID and PASSWORD i got in the mail and press on the submit buttom it says

    "Unable to locate your information. You must enter the original userid and password given to you at time of hosting"

    and the only ID and PASSWORD ive got emailed is the one i use to login on the main homepage and that one doesn't work!

    So, how can I get that 25mb free ( No ads ) website ?

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    To activate your free site please do the following:

    1 - Login to your account
    2 - Choose Manage Domains
    3 - Select the individual domain name you wish to manage
    4 - At the bottom of the form it will say create/manage your free website.

    Please click that link and it will bring you to your free site.

    If you have further questions please let me know

    Paul Client Care Services

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    hmm when i did that it worked fine till i wanted to preview the site and then it said

    The domain [xxx***********] is not owned by Userid , this is a security violation and your IP ADDRESS IS RECORDED

    what the hell does that mean, i restarted the browser and logged in .. still works tho

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    Also .. is there any service that allow you to make dns domains like

    cs . domainname . com and then let it connect in counter strike ?

    I mean .. we got a server with a normal IP and we wanna hide the IP for the public .. is there any service on registerfly that allow you to make .. hmm i thnk its something with DNS domains that hide the ip and let the people connect to the server by entering
    cs . domainname . com .. without the spaces

    ( can't link before 5 posts so i had to make spaces ) ;p

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    We fully support most zone file entries sich as A record, MX, MXE, CNAME etc so we should be able to accomplish what you need. If you need specific help our rapid response team can quickly assist you.

    Please follow this link: Client Care Services

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    RF takes care of their customers. I'd recommend that you contact their support and work with them. They'll be able to help you out and get you pointed in the right direction.

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