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    Programmer Regd

    Here's I need:

    PHP/MySQL based scripts needed to manage soccer picks website.

    - User registration system

    - Picks page that lets visitors submit their soccer picks (example - www instanthire co uk/mypicks.htm) for current round of UK premiership soccer games. Picks are to be stored in the database for scoring once actual results are in.

    - Admin panel to
    -- Allow admin to enter soccer results. This would publish the results of the round and score the entries based on correctness and update the league pages to show rankings and scores for those who entered.

    I also would like users to be able to create a private league and allow friends / colleagues to join their league.

    I also need a master league to show the overall leaders from all different leagues

    Sample mockup of pages:
    www instanthire co uk/mypicks.htm
    www instanthire co uk/leaguetable.htm

    Once the scripts are created in PHP/MySQL I want to be able to automate it as much as possible.

    Many thanks.

    please PM me if you can help.

    payment available dependant upon experience/time/knowledge etc. Please quote a price if you have a rate.


    Ian Collier

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    Thank you!

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    sorry...! noob alert

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    How much are you willing to spend? I could do it quick and easy for about 500 or make it nice and streamlined for about 1500, you tell me, I can meet you anywhere in between. - for sale!

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