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    4 - The Premium US Wifi Website + Business (Renewed Domain) - $220.00 - The Premium US Wifi Website + Business (Domain)
    Total access point entries: 550

    Wireless network connection is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years, and wireless users would need to know where they could find network connections. is the premium website that would provide users with an easy way to locate access points within the US.

    Right now, there are only a few Wifi websites in operation on the Internet, and you could make one of the pioneers in the field. comes with its own administration console that would allow you to, as an administrator, manage all aspects of your website. It also comes with built in access point addition/modification/deletion/review applications that could empower your visitors to maintain the website with their own information.

    Site statistics:

    Launched: June, 2004
    Sales: $0.00 as of now, the site has just been given a complete bug fix and maintenance
    The Potential: By the year 2008, there would be an estimated number of 700 million Wifi users, all of whom require a service that would allow them to locate a wireless access point
    # of Entries: 550 access points (as of June 21, 2004). There are over 10,000 more access points that could be added by you, or by our data entry clerk for a nominal fee. Source for obtaining these information will be sent to you when auction closes and payment received.
    Search Engines: Submitted to,,,

    The website is not generating any revenue/traffic at this particular moment, as only preliminary marketing efforts have been put into promoting the website (submission to etc). I believe that, however, you could easily raise public awareness of this website due to the still unclustered nature of online wireless access points directories.

    Site features is the Internet leading database for locating US based wireless access points. Some highlights of the website include the following:
    - An access point database with over 500 entries already entered
    - Browse through the different states/cities of the US to locate access points
    - Simple search and advanced search allows visitors to easily locate access points
    - User Empowerment - Users could add/modify/delete access point entry themselves
    - User Reviews - Users could add reviews to access points
    - integration allows on-the-fly map generation
    - Online articles/news section built in
    - Contact us script is already included
    - A comprehensive administration panel is one of the few pioneers in the field of wireless access points locator website in the world. allows visitors to effectively browse or search through our database of wireless access points, enabling any wireless users to search for internet gateways that would allow them to go on the Internet wirelessly. also comes with built in facility that would allow its visitors to add their own access point locations to the database. Added entries will be available immediately on the website, and is easily searchable via the database. Users are also allowed to modify and delete their access point entries by themselves. Unique to this website that is not available to any other Wifi website is the ability for visitors to add their own reviews to access points they have used in the past. The website is also partnered with, which offers the website the ability to generate a map of the location of the access point. A comprehensive administration panel is also included, which would allow the website administrator to:

    - add/modify/delete access points
    - add/modify/delete administrator accounts
    - add/modify/delete cities
    - add/modify/delete states
    - edit news section online

    The website is designed to allow both the site owner, and the site users to add new entries into the database.

    What you get:
    - domain name with 10 months of registration left
    - website design
    - Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady files
    - The complete access point management system (Custom programmed by me)
    - MySQL database with 50 US states, 1,856 cities, and over 550 access points added

    Reason for sale:
    Summer has ended, and I have returned to my university for a whole year of education and coop experience, I do not have time to maintain (eg. add access point entries) the website anymore.

    $220.00 USD payable via Paypal.
    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post your questions here, pm me, or email me at [email protected]

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    I have the impression that this site has been up for sale for a few weeks now. Maybe you can tell us what was changed or why somebody should by it now.


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