Hi fellow resellers,

I find that there are so many threads about people trying to get 6.95 enom account and also people losing money or having probems with their account as their account has been created illegally!

I like to suggest something but I am not sure if it will work so please don't blast me with stones!

The minimum to become an Enom ETP is $6950. There so many resellers in this forum and some are quite well known with each other.

Why dont we pool together and elect an ETP and each paying a sum of money for the initial deposit. For example 30 people with each chipping in a sum of $231 will come to approximately $6950 (perhaps the ETP can pay more).

I understand the enom only allows 8.95 account. The Co-Op can create a rebate system for each so that each member end up paying only 6.95. We will try avoid cost by not utilising the PDQ only API.

For the intial investment made by the members,
a) If the ETP is someone that has many domains, as his/hers domains are renewed, the payments will be used to pay us back or
b) create some other system to pay back the initial members deposit.

The above is just an idea to evaluate. This is to avoid to pay big sums of money in buying the old enom 6.95 accounts and everybody to enjoy a cheaper rate for domains.

Kind regards