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    Newbie looking for Multiple Domain Hosting - Windows

    I had posted this in the Shared Hosting forum but the responses point towards needing a reseller account so her goes.

    I am new to web hosting and am looking for a hosting package that will allow one to host 3+ domains on the one account. The 3 domains are 2 .com and 1 .ie. The sites are for family and family businesses so won't be requiring much space, etc..

    What I'd like is
    * at least 250MB web space
    * at least 2GB data transfer
    * Windows server as at least 1 site will be ASP, MS Access
    * multiple domains on 1 account, at least 3 but would like up to 10
    * about 10 e-mails for each domain, eg. [email protected], [email protected], etc.
    * control panel for each site, want individuals to have access to maintain their sites
    * about $100 - $150 annually, c.$15 monthly max. Not looking to start a reseller business just want reliable hosting for a number of sites under 1 account.
    * reliable service both site uptime and e-mail
    * ability to upgrade in the future

    Looking at what's available it seems I should be looking at reseller accounts but not sure that any in my price range would be any good. Some possible providers I've found on the web include

    Anyhow if anyone knows of a reliable provider that would suit my needs please let me know and if you know of any sites with information/tutorials on multiple domain hosting please post them as I have a lot to learn I'm sure.

  2. You might want to look at or Both of those have indexes of a bunch of different Windows based web hosting companies. You should be able to find one there that fits your budget.

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    You can also find a hoster with multiple domains hosting. Look under unlimited domains in search. Contact some interesting hosting comp. with many good reviews and tell them what you want. Many will give you a special offer.


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    I am not sure if they meet your price range, but you may want to check out I have used them, in the past, w/ excellent results.

    Good luck w/ your search!

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