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    Thumbs up providing outsourced tech service, whats a good wage?

    here's the situation:

    i'm quite experienced in computers, networking, etc. recently i opened my own consulting company and now have a mid-sized company that requires my services in fixing some network problems and getting rid of viruses on their network. this is my first service with my new company and i honestly don't have an idea what to charge (dont laugh, please). i realize i am working as an outsourced service by them, not as an employee and while the company is mid sized, its located in a rural area, so they're not a fortune 500. what would be a good 'wage' for 1-2 hours of work? they pay for transportation for me (about 2 hours drive) as well.

    thanks for any inout you may be able to give.

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    What is worth for your time? I mean I charge 25 ($50/hour) for consultancy remotly and if onsite I use to charge 50-75/hour ($100-150/hour)

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