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    Lightbulb Req: Modernbill Leased License

    I am looking for a ModernBill leased license. What is the best deal on one?
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    I went with I pay $12.75 a month for a 50 user leased license, and $19.95 every 6 month's for upgrades. They just had a deal a week ago for free setup.

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    I'll lease you my unused license.

    $15 A Month
    Unlimted Users
    Unlimited Upgrades and Support

    No extra charges needed. I'll even install it for you for free.

    I've added you to my AIM list.
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    I would double check this "lease" with ModernBill. I know for a fact that MB does not recommend transfer of leased licenses.

    This is just a side statement. Showing not biased to GS or
    Lee W.

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    Maybe I should become a spokesperson for Globalscripts...

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