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    IRC Allowed $69.95

    Server Spec
    Intel Celeron 2.53GHz
    512 Memory
    80GB Harddrive
    250GB of Bandwidth
    IRC Allowed
    OS: Red Hat Linux

    $65.95 / Monthly
    $50 Set-Up
    You need to use Promo Code : UO2005 for this special price.

    Test Ping :
    Location: Los Angeles

    1. Server set-up within 10 days . But normally server is deliver very fast , just wanna give some extra time just incase there is a server hardware failure that is not expected
    2. Non-refundable set-up fee and monthly.
    3. No other OS at this time.
    4. Server is unmanaged but there is a 24/7 Fast Support to assist you.
    5. Payment by Paypal

    Thank You.

    Reyjen Calalay
    Dedicated Server Sales

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    Each dedicated server will have up to 25 IPs on start-up then if you need more then you have to justify it.

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    location exactly? datacenter?
    uplinks? and gbit/mbit with each one?
    ddos protection?
    IPs cost?
    more bandwidth 1000GB for example?


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    Is it 65.95, or 69. 95?

    What version of Red Hat Linux is this? And as someone else asked, how much to bump up the bandwidth to 1000gb?

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    We have 2 datacenters, one in San Francisco and the other in Los Angeles.
    Yes ddos protection included. No cost for additional IP's. Additional
    bandwidth costs only $0.50 per GB. We use the latest version of redhat.

    it is $69.95 per month with one time $50 set-up fee.

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    Only 250GB of bandwidth comes with that correct?
    eXeGaming : Professional Gaming Organization

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    Yes it comes with 250gb of bandwidth

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    Control panel pricing?
    MyProxy.CA - Web Based Proxy!

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    Is that 250GB Monthly or just one time?

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    250gb monthly bandwidth allowed then .50$ per gb afterwards

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    BTW There is also an 800 number 24/7 Phone Support for Free
    Number will be given to you together with your login details

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    Originally posted by hostwindsor
    Control panel pricing?

    free for limited time offer

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    Please provide the exact datacenters being utilized. Thanks
    data center directory - The comprehensive data center resource. Version 2.0 coming soon!

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    I think you all should read this. I just chatted with a rep at and look what I found out:

    Please Wait while connecting to an operator
    You''re connected to operator - Patrick
    Patrick: Hello, how may I help you?
    User: what datacenters are you located in
    Patrick: 365Main
    User: that the only one?
    Patrick: Yes
    User: and what is this ip
    Patrick: What do you mean?
    User: where is that at
    User: i am in Los Angeles
    User: and get ping times over 200ms
    Patrick: That IP is in Los Angeles.
    User: what dc is that from
    User: umm
    Patrick: Our offices are in LA.
    User: how can the dc be in LA?
    User: with 200ms+ ping times
    Patrick: I never said the data center is in LA
    User: where is that IP
    User: it says comcast business
    User: are you hosting those servers on DSL
    Patrick: No.. our data center is in San Francisco, at 365Main.. our offices are in LA.
    User: where is that ip from?
    Patrick: I just told you, it's in LA. That IP is the IP address to our office in LA.
    User: correct
    User: so that test ip is on DSL
    User: $65.95 / Monthly
    $50 Set-Up
    You need to use Promo Code : UO2005 for this special price.

    Test Ping :
    Location: Los Angeles
    Patrick: It's our cable connection that our computers in our LA office use. I'm not sure who gave that IP address to you, but servers are in no way hosted on that IP address!
    User: stid=3091542#post3091542
    User: i am trying to get down to the root of this
    User: please explain the post
    Patrick: Ow I see.. I have no idea where that person got that IP address from, sorry about that.
    Patrick: What do you need more information on?
    User: well
    User: i am in Los Angeles
    User: i have never heard of your company
    User: and now i suspect that the test ip
    User: is referring to your irc servers
    User: that you host in the office
    User: is this right?
    Patrick: No we do not have irc servers.. like I said, that IP address is used only for our internal office computers.
    User: and where will the irc server machines be hosted
    User: ?
    Patrick: We do not have nor support irc server machines.
    User: oh boy
    User: who is reyjen?
    User: IRC Allowed $69.95
    Patrick: I have no idea.
    User: and what is that?
    User: you are 818Hosting right?
    Patrick: I'm sorry but I have no idea who that person is.
    Patrick: Yes we are 818Hosting, however that person does not work for us.
    User: i see
    User: i will make sure the forum knows that
    Patrick: Thank you very much.
    Patrick: We do offer that dedicated server package, however we do not allow irc servers and that is not our static IP address.
    Patrick: Everything else seems correct.
    data center directory - The comprehensive data center resource. Version 2.0 coming soon!

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    woah. that was the information he gave me because he told me to resell his dedicated server and the promo code will say that the sale came from me. You see i didnt put any of my contact number in there and ived gave his email address . So its up to you. I never process any sales anyway and i put the contact as his email address. I emailed him about this responses so i will wait on his respond and ill post it here

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    System: Please Wait while connecting to an operator

    System: All operators are busy. Please wait.

    You''re connected to operator - Patrick

    Patrick: Hello, how may I help you?

    User: patrick whats going on i advertise you in webhostingtalk

    User: why did you say you dont know me

    User: i put the information there basedon what you told me

    User: and i gave you the link to where i posted it

    Patrick: I never said I didn't know you.

    User: and you said ok

    User: readid=404219&perpage=15&pagenumber=1

    User: i dont want to looklike aliar over there

    User: everything i typed there is based on what you toldme

    User: and didnt invent it

    Patrick: Ok what is your question?

    User: i mean

    User: why is it like that

    Patrick: Why is what like that?

    Patrick: I'm sorry I do not understand.

    User: that you said what you toldmeand what i typed there are incorrect

    Patrick: First of all, when I was talking to this person he NEVER told me your name, nor did he tell me where the had found this information

    Patrick: So how am I supposed to give him correct information?

    User: remember i told you i will use reyjen ?

    User: and you know that right?

    Patrick: Yes I do, he never gave me your name.

    Patrick: I never told him we do not allow the irc software to be hosted on our dedicated servers. He asked me where our irc servers are located and I told him we do not have any irc servers, which is a valid statement. Nor we do not allow the hosting of a pure machine based on the irc software. However you can run the irc application on the server.

    User: ok if someone is interested in your server ill just refer it to you

    User: i dont want to communicate with them

    User: so you can explain themwhat you offer

    User: at least i help you advertise it at webhostingtalk

    Patrick: Yeah I think that would be the best way. You will still get a credit for referring customers to us since you are the only one that is advertising the service for us right now, it is not being advertised anywhere else.

    User: Thank You. Ok i will just put this in our forum to make it clear

    Patrick: ok

    User: Is there aphone number they can reach you if they want to buy or can i give them your 800 number?

    Patrick: (800) 818-0115
    User: Thank you and you have a good night patrick

    User: i hope you can get some sales

    Patrick: Thanks.. you to.

    User: bye

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    Ok guys it is up to you to contact him if you want to buy from him or not and his phone number is (800) 818-0115

    These are the informations he gave me.

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    So would you be able to provide a real test IP?

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