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    Got an origional idea for forums? I can help bring your idea to life :)

    Hi folks,

    After recently selling my hosting business, I have been left with a few spare vBulletin licenses and a bit of money.

    I now have a small reseller package elsewhere and still have one or two un-used vBulletin licenses.

    What I am offering is, I use a vBulletin license from my stockpile and host your forum idea, as well as assisting in development, publication, word spreading for any good, origional ( or semi-origional ) ideas.

    I can make your dream a reality free of charge. You will be the co-owner / co-webmaster and will receive full access to the forum admin area as a super administrator ( FULL access ) and FTP access and what not.

    I am only leaving this offer open to one or two ideas, if you have a great interest in seeing your idea for a good discussion board come to life, I can help you.

    E-Mail me: [email protected]

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    I am interested and I would like to speak with you regarding further details of these sites.

    Thank you,
    .-=={[(' Sitedesigner ')]}==-.

    ~Entrepreneur at heart~ Pm me.

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    What will you be expecting in return, a share of the revenue?

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    Who would take care of advertising? if you have some media outlet handly, I have a perfect idea.

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    My position would be co-admin, any revenue from the project would be split evenly between myself, the other head admin ( you ) and improoving the site. I am easily able to add advertising capabilities, however, I am against advertising on small discussion boards, so only if it grows to a reasonable size would I begin discussing with the other admin about revenue.

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    I am very valuable as a co-admin, as I have operated many forums in the past, I know how to make new forums successful / unsuccessful.

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    Originally posted by WinAxis
    I am very valuable as a co-admin, as I have operated many forums in the past
    Can you please provide some details of which ones?

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    I currently operate, I previously operated a ( non-vbulletin ) gaming forums which reached 70,000 posts in about 7 months, 2,500+ members.

    I also currently assist in operating's forums, it is run by one of my many vBulletin licenses and I did assist in installation and marketing.

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