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    IP Cop

    I did a search for "ip cop" and "ip cop firewall" already so forgive me if this a duplicate.

    I'm to the point where I need to switch from a host based firewall to a dedicated box/appliance. I'm leaning towards IP Cop. Anybody have any opinions one way or the other about this particular distro or should I consider others?


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    I prefer m0n0wall. It's a FreeBSD based solution, and it has been rock solid so far. The documentation is very easy to follow, and it even includes extras like being able to act as a vpn server, wireless router, etc.

    I've used ip-cop in the past, as well as smoothwall and they are both great programs. However the small footprint of m0n0wall (no hdd needed) makes it a very viable option for me. Plus, you can even build your own embedded router/firewall.

    Check it out, do a little research. You will find what is right for you.

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