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    ~120MBs Files for download

    I am thinking of offering members ~120MBs files for download off of my sites. Not expecting huge numbers at all but do expect growth.

    Are there any software out there that manages this similar to CMS?

    What are technical issues/ server requirements should I look out for because it seems hosting a website and offering huge files for download seems to be completely different things?


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    You should stay away from Apache for serving those files due to its limited scalability.
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    120 Mb is not "huge". If there won't be hundreds of downloads per day, you are pretty much OK with some generic hosting package - just calculate your monthly bandwidth usage. Maybe you'll have to go VPS, but not necessarily.

    Also, Apache is perfectly OK for you in case of moderate download rate. There will be some point when you'll have to pay attention to Apache's resource consumption, but definitely not the start.
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    There is a pretty good built download "portal" script. IT was made by some german company. I've forgotten the name. I'll post again if I remember

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    Dream4's Koobi?

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    if apache can't handle the load when alot of people are downloading, would I have to be using something like a ftp server?

    I wish I new german.

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