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  1. #1 horrible business.

    They're not worth a full review so let me just say this, they suck.

    I tried to order a server for the price listed on the website and it said there was (1) left with instant setup but when I ordered it he said I won't get it for 5-7 days. Well considering I was deceived by his advertisement, I wanted a refund but he refused and told me I have to wait because I ordered it. Really? I believe this is the DEFINITION of fraud.

    fraud - noun
    1. A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain.
    2. A piece of trickery; a trick.
    1. One that defrauds; a cheat.
    2. One who assumes a false pose; an impostor.

    Yep, he runs a fraudulent business. My buddy webster just confirmed it-- lol.

    After further investigating I found out that he keeps those special prices up all the time (even when they are sold out) then tries to make you wait even though you only agreed to buy it because it said instant setup.

    David is rude and disrespectful. He curses to his customers, treats them like we are his little army of b*tches. Well I could go on and on about this guy but he's not worth my time.

    Not only does he practice sketchy business practices but he is a complete moron. I told him I was going to chargeback with my bank and he didn't care, he told me to go ahead. I won the chargeback and he got charged that nice $15-$20 fee. He knew this was going to happen but for some reason he was refusing to refund me!

    I just wanted to pay the advertised price and get it within the promised time frame... it's not that hard or complicated. What the hell is wrong with businesses these days?

    Oh yeah and
    PS: he has some kind of vendetta against americans.

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    heh that mkes two of us, read my review!!

    David is rude and very unprofessional, he was a little professional just to get you intretse then when you buy, ihes just rude!!1

    Lucky I had another company for send hand just incase i wfell out of ukserver which i did **** service!

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