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    designer wanting to resell

    im a graphic designer, and we have a small handful of web clients that dont really care what host they have etc (most are small sites and they just need email for afew people)..
    i was thinking of buying a reselling plan and let them host though us. - they dont care how / or what they pay they just need it.

    seeing as it would only be about 10 - 15 clients.. i was thinking of just getting the new media temple shared plan 'advanced' for 14.95 per month with 5000mb / 75000 bandwidth

    as i dont know alot about hosting, nor do want to deal with it too much.. i just want a relaible host.. i thought i should post this to hopefully get some help..

    what do you think?

    im only a newbie and i cant post urls yet -

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    Well that is a nice sized plan to start. Just do searches on different hosts and go with the most creditable. But always remember, everyone's experience is different. Some good hosts may be terrible to some and vice versa. Best of luck to you.
    Lee W.

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    yeah i agree.. its is up to everyone.. but mediatemple is reliable and known isnt it?

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    Re: designer wanting to resell

    Originally posted by jon_mf
    as i dont know alot about hosting, nor do want to deal with it too much..
    Another alternative for you would be to join an affiliate program and set your clients up there. That would leave you with not having to deal with their hosting side of things, as well as give you an income for those referals.
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    Hello jon_mf,

    We are seeing a large number of graphics designers moving from affiliate types of relationships into reseller accounts. The recurring revenue is becoming quite attractive and is worth the effort involved in learning the basics required to add this offering to your portfolio of products.

    As a designer, you have access to a niche market and are able to add a distinct value added service on top of the web hosting - therefore pricing, etc becomes less important and your margins can be significant.

    However, it is very important that you choose the right provider, as an unreliable service can tarnish your reputation and negatively affect your core business.

    MediaTemple is a reputable provider, however, I am not certain you will want a shared account, as ultimately, you will want your clients to have access to the basics of their account management, so that you are not swamped with basic requests. Also, it doesnt sound like you need an account of that size. You may be better off with a smaller reseller package.

    Hope this helps...

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    thanks CartikaHosting, i agreee what alot you say and that is the reason why im doing it.
    for the price media temple is offering it is quite a good package as i can host 20 sites off it. - today i could sign up about 4 or 5 clients.. so i guess this plan seems quite good..
    the clients all dont really care al long as it works. infact i know they would be calling us anyways if there was a problem.

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    i know they would be calling us anyways
    LOL - yes, usually this is the way it turns out And for these customers, obviously a shared account makes sense. However, once you start getting more hosting customers, you will want to make sure they each have their own control panel access - as managing every aspect of all these hosting accounts will eventually become overwhelming.

    That aside, mediatemple is a reputable provider, so, Im sure you cant go wrong with that decision either...

    Best of luck with your project and please make sure you check back with us and let us know how it goes...

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    thanks for your help..
    one last question would the stats be for all the domains combined or would they display seperatly?
    that would be the only thing that would be a problem i think

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    You will need to ask your prospective hosts this question. In our control panel, the stats are based on a per domain basis (with unique URL), vs on an account basis. However, I do believe this varies amongst control panels and providers....

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    Hey jon_mf,

    Just thought I'd bring it to your attention that the mediatemple plan is $14.95 when you pay YEARLY. If you pay monthly its actually $19.95 per month. Might not make a big difference to you but just mentioning it anyway.
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    In my opinion, go for a reseller account... its not just that you have to ultimately manage things... just imagine how easy it would be for you if your client can login to their individual control panel, check stats, check email, create/remove email accounts, and so many other things...

    Above that you can restrict space and bandwidth usage of each site so that one site doesnt eat up into resources of another site.. plus a reseller account gives you much more control and power...
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    but what reselllng accounts are there that suit my needs?

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    Hi jon_mf,

    wow - thats one heck of a loaded question

    Considering your needs, you probably shouldnt be shopping for the cheapest package you can find, but, ultimately that decision is up to you.

    There are many control panels out there, and I would probably recommend playing with all of them - once you find one you are satisfied with, look for a provider that offers that platform...

    You can go for a complete automation and clustered solution like h-sphere, or something more modular like cPanel....

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    yeah i dont care abut too cheap i just need quality
    and i know media temple can offer that

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