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    Under the new laws...........

    Actually forcing all customers to acknowldege that they have reviewed and agreed to abide by the host's TOS by using a checkbox before they can sign up is pretty iron clad under the new laws relating to internet commerce.

    It's the same as signing a contract. You can only get out of a contract under limited circumstances which are too numerous to detail here.

    The key is forcing them to check the box and having a link to the tos next to the box!!
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    Absolutely! This has already been enforced plenty of times but having that point of reference to use just makes it that much easier.
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    So your saying that we HAVE to make our users agree?

    I have 2x TOS and i let my end-user select what TOS they wish to abide by...

    Sounds wierd but it works..

    They almost ALWAYS select the second TOS because it is a bit better. And it leaves them feeling like they got a better deal.

    Also it makes people read it .

    Another one of my unique methods is to have something like:

    If you agree to this TOS your account will be suspended within 24 hours

    in the middle of your 1st TOS or summin. Then you can tell if they read your TOS lol

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