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    Basic Advertising Question

    I know this is a silly basic question but what advertising vehicles are bringing you the best bang for the buck. With all the option out there including but not limited to hosting directories, payperclick Services I am never quite sure what is the actual best way to find and acquire new webhosting customers



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    The best way is what works best for your company. What works for me may not work for you and vise versa. My suggestion is to try as many "vehicles" as possible in a limited capacity but long enough to get enough information about the ROI.

    Also if you do a search of the forum (the running a web hosting business one no then entire forum) for threads about advertising you will come up with numerous results and input.

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    This question being so general is hard to answer properly without further information. You have to first consider your niche before properly discerning on advertising methods. For once niche advertisement on a hosting directory may be the best, but for others direct banner ads on a certain type of website, or another possibly local advertising. It just really depends on your business as to what will be the most effective advertising method.
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    Always think demographics, for example I wouldn't advertise shared hosting at this website. The majority of the population of this board are people running web hosting companies or looking to do so soon. So, I would only advertise dedicated servers or some good reseller plans at a site like this, not regular hosting. Just apply the proper marketing to each site you advertise on and you should yield good results, use that theory and take it a lot deeper.

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    Mysuggestion is to first recognise your host name by way of visiting so many forum and try to reply the complicated questions of the members, here one can get the special impact of those of viewers who are seeking hosting and meanwhile your host name will be automaticaly create a visual impact to the viewers.

    I mean to advice to create a brand image of your hosting company name first. Make the name popular first.

    Thereafter you can go for a vehicle to make choice for an advertisement.

    On my view the leading forums is a good vehicle comapre to a web directories.

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