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    How to manage a server with lots of downloads

    I have a dedicated server with alot of video. How should i go abouts setting it up properly. I have alot of people download from the server and the load is always around 3 - 4.

    And i am the only website.

    How to spread out the load?

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    Video downloads should not be coughing up so much load. Are they static downloads or are they dynamic link ? Are there any scripts or database access on the machine ?

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    There videos through HTTP

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    There are not scripts or anything else running on your server besides pure downloads ?

    Hmmm, something is definitely strange. Downloads just don't load the server. Try do a 'TOP' and see what processes are listed on the top 10 heavy load processes.

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    How many is a lot? and about how much bandwidth is the machine pushing? according to exactly what the machine is doing it could do what you are talking about.

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    eddy2099 is right - check 'top' to see what's going on. Load avg should not be that high for straight downloads.

    Personally, I switched to thttpd for a site that servers large amounts of flash/static content, and the loads are tiny now.

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    If there is a video streaming then the load is boud to rise high. Even if you run the top command you will find the http running high. I am not sure if this can have a good simple resolution.

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    Video Streaming is really just like downloads. The load is more on the visitors' computer as the video streams needs to be rendered and displayed. On the server end, it is just merely sending the file over to the visitor. There is really no real processing involved there.

    Of course with a lot of downloads at one time via a HTTP server, you may experience heavy load but you sure need a lot of simultaneous downloads for that to happen.
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    Mayble your server is using a lot of swap?
    If you have 512/1024MB of ram try giving it a upgrade deppending on how many sites our heavy site our traffic you have on the server.

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    I definitely think a lighter weight http daemon would be better than apache, such as thttpd. That said, I agree with the former poster that downloads usually cause very low loads. Pushing data over the internet is something that's very easy for modern machines, and it is unlikely, unless memory usage is the issue, to cause high loads. What does top say when your server is loaded like this? - Business Web Hosting Solutions & Server Management Since 2003

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    Try switching to something like thttpd, and also throw RAM at the machine.

    A Dual Xeon server with 8Gb RAM can handle 1200 download sessions of a 170Mb file even on Apache (and a gigabit connection)

    I would check your Apache config for child server connections, spare servers, maximum servers, but also check your disk setup and see what iowait is upto, and check vmstat to see if you're swapping.

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