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    Do you need help some with your webhosting company?

    My name is David Stone and I am a 21 year old sophomore attending Georgia Southern University for an Information Technology Degree. Some classes I have taken are It intro, web design, java, data communications, and networking, and financial accounting. I have been in the web hosting industry for about 5 years now, the last 2.5 as a managerial role.

    Through mid-year 1999 till about 2002 I worked at various web hosting companies as a basic Level 1 tech support. Some of my responsibilities included monitoring the forum, e-mail, helpdesk, etc. and either providing the necessary support for the customer or escalating it to a different department. I handled most of the basic support/billing questions that customers ask like how to use web mail, c-panel, etc...

    In 2002, I got a job at as support supervisor where some of my duties included managing a sub-team of about 5 technicians, handling support escalations, and some regular Level 1/2 support work. In addition I did a little bit of billing work, handling billing questions, entering payments in billing program (ubersmith), and setting up new accounts

    In 2003, I moved on to, where I joined the company from the start as Support/Sales Manager. I set up the whole support department interviewing/hiring staff, set support/sales guidelines, set-up support methods (forum, chat, helpdesk, e-mail, instant messaging), added staff to support methods plus internal staff only website, handled support escalations, tracked the performance of support/sales staff and paid them accordingly. Also I helped out in the billing department entering payments in the billing system (WhoisCart then Modernbill), answering billing questions, issuing refunds, setting up new accounts, taking care of cancellations, etc… Unfortunately, Greg the owner decided to sell the business (even though we were getting about 10 new signups a day)

    Ideally, what I am looking for is a managerial role either at established web hosting company or a newer web hosting company.

    What I would like to do at an established company is manage or sub-manage a customer service/support team as I did at vonetwork and hometown hosting. Some of my duties could include handling support/billing escalations, managing support/billing (hiring, scheduling, reviewing, checking timesheets etc..), update staff guidelines, basic level 1 and 2 support, basic billing duties (entering payments, answering billing questions, issuing refunds, etc…)

    If you are reading this and you are just starting your web hosting company, I am the person you are looking for. I would love a position just like at hometown hosting where I can do exactly what I did at hometown hosting. I can setup all support methods (e-mail, ticket desk, forums, live chat, instant message systems, etc...), set support guidelines, set up staff website, help set-up billing department, etc… After about 3 months of me and Greg’s work we were raking in about 10 new sales a day.

    Of course that is ideally what I will like to do how I understand of companies do not want to bring in a “stranger” to manage their company. However I assure you it will not be a mistake and I can provide references per request.

    I am also asking you to contact me if you are looking for a support tech or a billing rep. I have had numerous companies contact me to help them on their support desk for 2 tickets a day. For a support tech or billing rep job, I am looking for a more established company that’s been around for 1+ years and that gets around 10-15 tickets per hour.

    You may contact me in the following ways.

    -Pm me on this forum
    -E-mail me at [email protected]
    -Aim id: hometwndavid
    -MSN id: [email protected]

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you

    David Stone

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    Good Luck!

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    lol thanks

    you got me excited and thought someone was interested

    but all i saw was a "good luck"

    thanks though

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    I just sent you a PM.

    Can't we all just get along

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