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    [Hire] Transfer a large site from one host to another

    I need someone to help me transfer a large site (almost 6gigs) to another host. Both using CPanel. You'll have ftp access on the old host and ssh access on the new one. Preferance will be given to those who are familiar with celerondude's uploader script as you will need to set the folder permission as well.

    Transfer will take place in about 12 hours from now. I may reply here at 4 hours before before transfer (it's morning now and I'm going to bed). Please state your price and also if you have experience with the script.

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    Why use a script rather than just tarring and untarring the site?

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    I would be interested in tackling this project. It'd be even easier if you have backup capabilities, because then we can transfer your site much quicker that way.

    I have plenty of experience moving sites, especially given with a cPanel to cPanel transfer. I'll be fair to you, price wise, if you're fair to me. I'm not a kid doing this for a fast buck, by the way.

    Check one of my last posts in this forum, someone needed help getting databases transferred over, and I got him hooked right up.

    If you're interested, drop me a PM here.
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    Originally posted by dzeanah
    Why use a script rather than just tarring and untarring the site?
    I think he means he uses that script and wants to make sure its moved appropriately...

    I should have no problem moving this for you, I've moved many large sites in the past, several from cpanel to cpanel (one was somewhere around 10 gigs)but also from others, and the way I do things permissions don't change so you don't even have to worry about that. I have aim, msn, yahoo, and icq as well.
    Just give me an email at matt AT mp3nut DOT com and I can give you whatever messenger info you need if needed.

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    Is the work over or still looking for someone?

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