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    Many different domains, 1 high traffic domain

    The traffic domain first:

    Above is the most recent stats (as of today). It was taken right after Sedo switched to the new day.

    The traffic does not convert well at all, however, it gets TONS of traffic. I am unsure where it comes from. I have owned the domain about 6 days. I have stats from before I owned it:

    I did some research and found that it use to be a proxy server service website. Other than that...there are no linkbacks to it and I can only assume it is getting type in traffic.

    I am more than willing to let you test traffic, and will use escrow for the transfer.

    If you have a site that needs traffic, or an account that does popups, then you will be able to get a nice return on the domain.

    Please PM with offers or questions. 1K starting bid, BIN 2300.
    Posted on other forums.

    Other domains: - 20$ - 20$ - 20$ - 20$ - 4$ - 4$ - 10$ - 10$ - 12$ - 20$ - 59$ - 4$ - 20$ - 10$ - 80$

    All names at Namecheap. For = Escrow. For the rest Paypal is fine.

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    Traffic domain sale on hold. Potential buyer testing traffic. Will update once I know results of sale. Thanks.

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    I am still taking offers on the others...if you see one that peeks your interest, PM me and I will cut you a deal. Most of them have 8 months or better before renewal.

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