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  • freeBSD 5.x

    3 60.00%
  • CENTOS 3.3

    2 40.00%
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    Question centos 3.3 vs freebsd 5.x - based on number of tickets

    Hi, First of all I am comparing these two because I want to use plesk 7.5.3 reloaded (which now supports centos 3.3) and centos 4 does not support it.

    What I am looking is not the usual, I like it because bla, bla,.... (lots of that here at WHT), but in terms of tickets reports. That is, if you manage your customer servers, i would like your answer based on how many times you've seen a server that is having problems (number of tickets). So this question basically would be for people that, not necessarily have to fix it, but are in an environment where they have been exposed to these figures.

    I would have to become proficient in any of the two and even though I have read that freebsd might have more of a learning curve, I would not mind, if on the long run i would have to provide less support.


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    I would say I spend 90% of my ticket time on Linux users.
    There's always something weird broken New kernels never seem to be simple on linux, and real upgrades are always a chore.
    I can usually resolve any FreeBSD problem in under an hour due to how FreeBSD is built.

    I have way more FreeBSD clients than I have Linux clients, so spending 90% of ticket time on %20 of your customers is a good reason to pick FreeBSD
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