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    Wanted: Tech partner

    Hello WHT,

    I am looking to start a shared webhosting business line so I have an entry level product to add to my service portfolio, and it's just fun to starting new businesses.

    Here is what type of partnership I am looking for:

    I will provide colo space, a dedicated server approx specs are (Dual P3 1.3Ghz 1GIG RAM 80GIG HDD) with bandwidth and cpanel or Direct admin license.

    Here is what I need from my partner, ability to design a strong webhosting company website, set up customers using cpanel or Direct admin and help provide support for customers. Ideally would want this partner to also contribute to sales and advertising, but I do not mind handling all of that.

    If I can find the right person who can bring all these parts to the table I am willing to share from 30-50% of all profit. The partner will not have to invest any money into the partnership just their time and experience for: set up, sales, and support to this project. You can send me an email or PM via WHT

    P.S. **Looking for partner at least 18 or older and not afraid of the Telephone**

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    I'm not exactly sure what you mean when you say "an entry level product to add to my service portfolio." Sounds like you are currently already offering some type of service.

    As far as your current goal of offering shared hosting...

    I recently posted something that may potentially interest you.

    Check it out. If you are interested we can certainly talk.

    AIM: StevenHughClarke
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: I can send to you after initial contact.

    Best Regards,
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    Request Filled

    Just an update to people interested, I have found a partner and we are moving forward at this time. Thank you for all your inquiries

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