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    What is the normal load of a server? it .05 .10 .50 1.0? What is the average? I want to know when to upgrade my server

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    Depends on the server
    A normal load is between .000 and 1.0 / 1.5
    Load above 5.0 /6.0 and more is not good
    There`s no average, server could have 4.0 and still can handle
    sessions and requests without any problems.

    If you wish smooth running server, when the average load reaches 2.0 - 3.0 you can think for an upgrade.

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    Think of "load" as "how many processes are sitting waiting on a resource at any one time." A load of 1 is about optimal for a 1 processor server, 2 for a dual-proc server, etc.

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    It really depends on your hardware... different combinations of cpu, memory, and hard disk drives handle load much differently.

    For example, a celeron will top out at a load of just greater than 1. P4 based machines stop cooperating well after a load of 4-5.

    Dual xeon machines w/ fast SCSI drives are fine and dandy well up into the 8-10's.

    Of course, you should never have merely sufficient capacity... having above and beyond "sufficient" will ensure that you'll be able to handle spikes in traffic with ease.

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    I agree that this totally depends on your infrastructure. Each server's load requirements should be handled accordingly. Ie: dual xeon file server with high i/o rates on your harddrives compared to a single processing database server. The file server could show relatively low cpu and ram load but the harddrive's will be bogged down to much to effectively serve more traffic. And the database server could have plenty of available RAM and HDD space but the CPU is pegged.

    You should consider all factors of your server when trying to discern a proper load limit. Basing that just off the "load average" of the system will not give you a proper analysys as to when to upgrade your server.
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    The LOAD depends on your server. There is no meaning in saying my server load is very high when your server have more than 1000 accounts and it is running with only one processor and 1 GB ram. Anything below 2.0 is a good load average. But before doing something to reduce the load check your server configuration and no of accounts

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