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    New Games Site - Please Review

    I have just about finished working on it and would like you lot to review it before i start to promote it.

    please review the design, usability etc thanks!

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    Let me go point by point through what I've noticed...

    - The logo is good, I like it. Creative and readable.

    - The transition line between logo and menu looks, ummm, kinda slimy. Blurred. Overall, the design elements look blurred at the edges - can't say it looks very good.

    - Being the gaming site, it could use some more fancy A design like that is more suitable to some Linux Documentation Project or smth like that Add up some spice, colors etc.

    - "RecomMend us" looks better with a double M

    - Seems a lil bit unnatural that there are links to external sites both at the top and the left menu. Where is the navigation of *your* site?

    - Overall, think about the menus structure - make it logical, come to a clear idea of what should be at the top and what goes to the left. Be sure to make it look logical for your visitors.

    - Consider moving login panel to the right (it's a traditional placement) and dragging the left menu up on its place - it's better for user to have the menu at hand, not somewhere downwards.

    - Consider uniting partners to one block - is there a real reason to place them both sides of your content block?

    - The word "Description" near each game is annoying. Why not replace it by the game title itself, moving it from below the picture?

    Just a few thoughts, hope this helps
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    Hi thanks for your feed back, I'll see if can change the bar underneath the header and moving the partners on one site. I have the partners on boths sides to have equal content on both sides. but i'll move things about and see what i can do!

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    Nice work!

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    Somehow I get the feeling that the bevels make it look a big weird. It's like the left and right part are too big because of that.

    I would also use another font for your logo.

    But that's just my opinion. The metallic/blue color scheme is nice.

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    Looks pretty good but to much loading involved.

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